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Three Quick Roadtrips from Salisbury, NH

Located in central New Hampshire in Merrimack County lies the pristine town of Salisbury, New Hampshire. Established in 1768, the town has grown to over 1,000 full-time residents. In addition, Salisbury’s location makes it quite easy to hop in your car and explore what the state has to offer.
In this article, I have highlighted 3 cities that are within a day’s drive from Salisbury.

Hanover, NH
One hour north of Salisbury, NH lies the city of Hanover, New Hampshire. Apart from being the home of the Ivy League university Dartmouth College, the area has many activities to see and do in the area.
Across the river in nearby Norwich, Vermont is the Montshire Museum of Science. An interesting fact about the site is that over 100 thousand people visit the gallery annually. The museum is also home to some amazing exhibits. Some of the exhibits located at the repository are Aquarium Area and Montshire Outside. Also, the museum area is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you are interested in science or are looking for an activity that is education-oriented, this is one place that you for sure do not want to forget to explore!
If you are more of an outdoorsy person, there are activities for you in Hanover too! One of those nature-oriented places is the Hanover Conservancy. The organization’s mission is to preserve all natural lands of the area. A couple of activities to do at the site are fishing at the Mink Brook Nature Preserve and hiking along the Mayor-Niles forest.

Merrimack, NH
This is one city that you do not want to miss if you decide to take a road trip to southern New Hampshire. One hour south of Salisbury is the town of Merrimack, New Hampshire. One interesting fact about the town is that it is actually split into four villages. The areas are Merrimack Village, Thortons Ferry, Reeds Ferry, and Southern Merrimack. In addition to Hanover, Merrimack also has activities that allow people to experience what the town offers.
One of the various sites in the town is the Merrimack Outdoors . At this local landmark, you will be able to explore different trails based on your respected interests. If you are interested in horseback riding, then be sure to check out Horse Hill.
If you are looking to get a taste of the local Merrimack flavor, then come bring your love of beer to the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company. One interesting fact about this brewery is that it derives its name from the American patriot Ebenezer Mudgett who is the inspiration for the state’s motto of “Live Free and Die Hard”. Talk about loyalty right there! A few of the beers available are American Red Ale and Apricot Amber Ale.

Exeter, NH
Known as the home of the elite prep school Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire is a quick one hour east of Salisbury. Similar to the towns of Hanover and Merrimack, Exeter has a plentiful amount of attractions that will never bore you.
One of the many aspects that Exeter is known for is its role during the American Revolution. Therefore, you must come and explore the American Independence Museum. The mission of the local landmark is to both tell the history of American Independence and to create dialogues on complex national issues. A few of the artifacts that are housed at the gallery include the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the United States’s Constitution.
If you are more inclined to learn about the history of the town, come and explore the Exeter Historical Society. Some of the resources that are available at the museum are Immigration Stories and a Walking Tour of Exeter.

Given its central location in New Hampshire, it is fairly easy to visit other towns, such as Hanover, Merrimack, and Exeter. Each town has their own charm, which are reflected in each of their respective site . Enjoy our beautiful state. You may want to move here.

Ultimate New England Roadtrip

The region of New England has plenty of activities to see and do. Because of New England’s small size, you are able to travel to different cities and states within a day’s drive.

Portsmouth, NH
Our first stop on our ultimate New England roadtrip is Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The city
is not only known for its historical significance, but it is also known for its various outdoor activities. One place to not miss while visiting Portsmouth is the Moffat-Ladd House and Garden. An interesting fact about the house is that it is older than the United States’s Declaration of Independence(The house was built in 1763). In addition, the property’s garden contains a variety of flowers and can be rented for special occasions, such as weddings. Another outdoor site to pay a visit to while in the gorgeous state of New Hampshire is Odiorne Point State Park. The park offers various outdoor activities, such as cross country skiing and fishing. If you are not athletically inclined, there is something for you too. The area also offers amazing views of the New Hampshire coast. After seeing the coast of New Hampshire, you may want to call this place home. The best part is that Odiorne is fairly cheap for both adults($4) and children($2).

Burlington, VT
The next stop on quick road trips from Boston is the gorgeous city of Burlington, Vermont. On top of being known as the largest city in the state, the city of Burlington is also home to a handful of colleges. A few colleges in the area are the University of Vermont, Champlain College, and Burlington College. In addition to being a New England college town, the region is also known for its influence in the arts. A site where you are able to view the city’s artistic impacts is the University of Vermont’s Fleming Museum. A couple of exhibitions on display at the museum are “Honoré Daumier’s Bluestockings” and “Contemporary Voices of Vermont”. If you are more of a sporty personality, Burlington is also home to the minor league baseball team The Vermont Lake Monsters.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Located just south of Cape Cod, lies the ritzy Martha’s Vineyard. Besides being known as a vacation place for the rich and famous, the island is also known for its marine activities. One place to not miss while visiting the island is the Gay Hill Lighthouse, which was the first lighthouse constructed on the island and commissioned in 1799. An interesting fact about the lighthouse is that it hosts a 10k race, which bypasses certain parts of the island. A couple of the places runners pass on the running course are the Aquinnah Town Hall and the Wampanoag Tribal lands. However, it is important to register early for the race because the event is limited to only five-hundred runners. Another site to visit on Martha’s Vineyard is the Long Point Wildlife Refuge, which includes an assortment of activities depending on the sea

In conclusion, there are many areas of New England to explore.The places and the activities that I have highlighted are not meant to be an exhaustive list. Instead, they represent a small percentage of what the New England region has to offer.

How to Winterize Your Car in New Hampshire

There are many exciting occasions that typically come with the winter: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the Holiday season, that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s where everything has slowed down—these are all things to look forward to when November and December come rolling around the corner. However, just like the Holiday seasons are expected to come, so is snow. If you live in an area that welcomes snow every year, then you’re well-aware of how the general public reacts to it: people rush to the grocery store, scrambling for the essentials (milk, bread, eggs, a lot of alcohol), and everyone hurries home to wait for the snow to come. It’s exciting the first few hours; however, the excitement dies down almost as quickly as it arrived, especially once you realize that you still have obligations that require you to get behind the wheel.

Picking a car that is equipped to handle the snow is typically a good way to start. Cars with 4WD are usually a popular choice when you factor in driving through snow and ice, but regardless of whether you’re behind the wheel of an AWD, FWD, or 4WD, safety should always be your priority and it is still 100% possible for the best-vehicle to spiral out of control while on an icy road. Getting a car that is highly recommended for such conditions does not mean that you’re free to travel ice and snow-covered streets at the normal speed.

When driving in snow and ice, remember these three points: remain alert, slow down, and stay in control. Another great way of preparing your car for winter is to have all maintenance checks done before the weather changes. This means to go have someone check out your tires, brakes, tire pressure, oil, windshield wipers, heater/defroster, and everything else. An important item to note is to have your gas tank full; to prevent the gas from freezing in your tank, you should carry at least a half-full gas tank.

If you ever have to leave your house when there’s snow on the ground, make sure you’re well-aware of your car’s braking capabilities. A lot of people get into the habit of stomping down on the brakes when behind the wheel; however, you’re at risk of your brakes locking up, especially if your car doesn’t have ABS brakes. So, if your car does not have ABS brakes and you find yourself in a situation in which you have to apply the brakes hard, pump your brakes. This can be achieved by gently applying and releasing pressure onto your brakes at a moderate pace; if you’re to press down too hard or fast, you could risk slipping and sliding on the ice.

Before making plans to go anywhere, you need to allot yourself an ample amount of time to make it to your destination on time. This means leaving early enough to not only defrost your vehicle (assuming that your car is completely frosted over at this point), but to drive safely. It sounds like a lot of work, but it really helps to consistently dig your car out of piles of snow while the snow is still falling. The same strategy works for digging out your driveway; if you do it often enough, you won’t have to deal with an absurd amount of snow in the long run.  

Top 10 Hiking Trails in New England

What makes hiking in this area so different than hiking in the Southwest, or further south on the Appalachian Trail, or in the great forests of California? Most might cite the geographic diversity, the way you’re able to venture from thick forestry to exposed rocky cliffs in a matter of minutes. Others will tell you it’s because many trails are so accessible to the public and don’t necessitate driving hours away from home. Some talk about the history often depicted alongside the trails.

No matter why you choose to hike in New England, you’ll find the experience to be unlike any other, and these ten hiking trails show you exactly why.

Whether you prefer packing light and hitting trails in the summer sun or enjoy soldering through crisp winter frosts, this list has something for you. Be warned – some of these spots might be a bit more challenging than others, so always check with local park officials regarding potential hazards and trail conditions, especially during winter months.

Presidential Traverse, Presidential Range – Gorham, NH
The first thing people will tell you about this trail is that it’s a rugged challenge. The second thing they’ll tell you is that it’s a beautiful challenge. Presidential Traverse is a 19.8-mile (or 21.7, if you count Mt. Jackson, which is actually named after a geologist, not the president) span above the tree line. Most will hike it start in the north and going south because the northern end is rockier.

Although it’s an all season trail, caution is highly recommended year-round. Many have died due to hazardous conditions, even during the summer.

White Dot Trail, Mt. Monadnock State Park – Jaffrey, NH
Leading to the top of Monadnock State Park’s namesake and a National Natural Landmark, Mount Monadnock’s White Dot Trail is a relatively short route to the summit at just 1.9-miles, but you’ll want to budget at least three hours for a round trip because it gets steep in the middle. You can extend this trail by breaking off of it onto White Cross Trail.

Tuckerman Trail, Mount Washington – Sargent’s Purchase, NH
A trail popular with tourists, Tuckerman Ravine Trail leads to the highest point in New England, and has a slew of attractions surrounding it. If you’re seeking serenity, you won’t find it here. But if you’re introducing your family to hiking, there are few places in the New England area which marry pedestrian hiking with addictive views and shuttle, in case you’re too beat once you make it to the top.

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Bunker Meadows Trail – Topsfield, MA
Looking for an easy romp in Topsfield? Look no further than the Bunker Meadows Trail. Follow it to the end and you’ll be led to an observation tower that overlooks the Ipswich River. Because it’s close to the river, if you’re quiet and patient, you’ll be able to see the Ipswich’s otters frolicking along the banks.

Skyline Trail, Middlesex Fells Reservation – Stoneham, MA
South of Stoneham and between the town of Winchester and Spot Pond, you’ll find Middlesex Fells Reservation’s Skyline Trail, a single-track, 7.5-mile oasis within the suburbs of Boston. Its location makes it a great weekend getaway and the stern outcrops along the trail place it in the realm of moderate to easy.

Stay alert — it’s fairly easy to wander off the trail and onto one of the parallel trails if you don’t follow the white markings closely enough. It’s also common to stumble upon a few wild turkeys and deer.

Emerald Necklace – Boston, MA
A 32-mile loop just a 20-minute drive outside of Boston, Emerald Necklace is a great trail to take on piecemeal. You’ll find many of Boston’s residents escaping to here on the weekends; if you have time and want solitude, try coming here during the week to experience the trail with just its birds.

After finishing Emerald Necklace, be sure to take a stroll through Boston as well to compliment your hiking with a plethora of things to do in the city, whether you’re just looking to eat or you’re in the mood for shopping.

Marginal Way – Ogunquit, ME
Just south of Israels Head and along Maine’s coast, Marginal Way is a destination beloved by residents and visitors alike. It’s a simple one-mile path along the margin of the sea featuring wedding-perfect beaches. Travel far enough and you’ll hit the shops and restaurants of Perkins Cove, as well as the two-mile-long Ocean Path leading to Acadia National Park. Together, the two make a great day-hike for couples or solo travelers escaping crushing city crowds.

Ladder Trails, Acadia National Park – Bar Harbor, ME
Just one of Acadia’s many trails, you’ll find that the Ladder Trail loop — an advanced, 3.3-mile loop of dirt and forest floor — is a worthy challenge with great rewards for those that embark upon it. The trail’s ladders lead to the summit of Dorr Mountain, as well as brilliant views of Mount Desert and Bar Harbor’s islands.

Sunset Ridge Trail, Mount Mansfield – Underhill, VT
The Green Mountains’ Mount Mansfield as many trails leading to the peak, but the Sunset Ridge Trail’s view of the summit ridgeline is unlike any other. Peer closely and you’ll be able to make out a human profile and see the summit’s “nose” and “chin.” Sunset Ridge, a strenuous, full-day, 6-mile round-trip hike, isn’t for the faint of heart (or legs). As the trail breaks out of the trees and onto a rocky ridge, hikers are offered unobstructed views that are great for pictures, but not so great for those who are afraid of heights. It’s a good idea to pack a poncho too, as the greater portion of the trail is exposed

Weathersfield Trail, Mount Ascutney – Weathersfield, VT
The most trafficked trail in Ascutney State Park, Weathersfield Trail has a wealth of features to delight hikers, including picturesque views, colorful foliage, great picnic spots, vistas, fungi, and waterfalls. Don’t be fooled by the scenic nature though – this trail’s a tough 5.2 miles. The rocks near the waterfalls are slippery, and though it’s well marked and maintained, some parts of the trail are rather steep, with roots and rocks presenting as obstacles.

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Hiking in The Lakes Region

Hiking in New Hampshire is a sport as old as… well, New Hampshire! Suitable for every age and ability, some of our local favorites are listed below.

Popular Walking Trails

  • Waukewan Highlands, Meredith
    This multi-use managed forest offers 3 marked trails which all lead to a 3-acre pond. This trail is suitable to walking, biking, strollers, and skates.
  • Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial Forest, Center Harbor
    Located just off Rt. 3 in Center Harbor, this area offers a short walk “On Golden Pond.”
  • Frederick & Paula Anna Markus Wildlife Sanctuary
    This sanctuary covers 200 acres on the north shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, including two miles of walking trails. Co-located with the Loon Center and open dawn to dusk daily, you can enjoy nature (and the local Loon population). The sanctuary is located at 183 Lee’s Mills Rd., in Moultonborough.
  • Hamlin Recreation & Conservation Area
    This area’s 2,000 feet of unspoiled Lake Wicwas shoreline will offer you lots to see. Beaver ponds, Heron rookeries, stone walls, cellar holes, a Hemlock Forest, high view ledges,  and Ancient Maple groves are just some of it’s charm. To get there, take Rte. 104 to Meredith Center Rd. Go south 1 mile and turn right on Chemung Rd. Then head west for 2 miles and pull into a parking area on the right side of the road. You can park on the side of road, which might be all that’s available during peak tourist season.

Popular Hikes

If you crave a bit more adventure in your walk, try one of these local hikes. Be sure to bring along plenty of water, especially in the summer, and be prepared for wildlife.

  • West Rattlesnake Mountain, Holderness
    This trail is 0.9 miles to the summit, which offers spectacular views and ledges. Use caution with your children on the ledges. To get there from Meredith, take Rt. 3 North to Holderness. Turn right on Rt. 113 and go approximately 2 miles. Look for the Rockywold Deephaven Camps sign on the right side of the road. Parking is 0.5 miles past this sign, on your left. Rattlesnake trail is on the opposite side of road, at the base of the knoll. Note: there may be actual rattlesnakes on this trail. BE wise – you’re in Nature’s playground!
  • Red Hill, Center Harbor
    1.7 miles to the summit, with beautiful lake views of Squam and Winnipesaukee
  • Mount Major, Alton
    1.5 miles to the summit, worth the trip to gain a panoramic view of Lake Winnipesaukee
  • Mount Morgan, Sandwich
    1.5 miles to the summit, which connects to Mount Webster and Mount Percival
  • Gunstock Mountain, Gilford
    Overlook Trail is blazed in orange and starts on some of the cross-country ski trails. The trail crosses the brook, climbs the mountain and winds up on a spectacular overlook. From the overlook, the trail goes through a beautiful forest, and then climbs up to intersect with the Saddle Trail. From this point you can either go to the summit of Belknap or Gunstock, or head back down on the Brook Trail.
  • Castle in the Clouds, Moultonborough
    Try any of the 28 miles of hiking trails maintained by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust at Castle in the Clouds for a really fun (and challenging, if you want it) day. Everything from a leisurely walking path along cascading waterfalls (ending at the largest waterfall, Falls of Song), to more experienced hikes with amazing views of the Ossipee Mountains is located here. With more than 5,200 acres and trails to entertain every skill level, you can literally spend the day hiking with your entire family. Trail heads are located at Shannon Pond or off Route 171, located just south/east of the front gate. Hiker parking is located on Ossipee Park Road, across from the entrance to the bottling plant. There’s also hiker parking at the trail head on Route 171. Trail maps are available for purchase at the Castle in the Clouds gift shop.

Biking, Blading & Skateboarding

If you’ve got wheels, Meredith’s country backroads and quaint shoreline offers great places for you to explore. Whether you want to ride on the roads, or off on the trails, there’s something to be found for everyone on two wheels.

Gunstock Mountain Biking Center, on Guntock Mountain, offers miles of off-road trails. They also have a full bike rental shop and run guided mountain biking tours.

If you prefer your wheels without a handlebar, Gunstock’s 17,000 sq.ft. skate park features a half pipe, 1/4 walls, bank wall, grind boxes, and more. If that feels a bit too wild, there’s a section for new skaters and families. Equipment rentals are available onsite.

Right in Meredith, the Glenn Hart Skateboard Park will also entertain you. It’s located on Route 3 at Prescott Park.

Oak Hill Golf Course

This scenic 9-hole public golf course can be played by anyone. Annual memberships are available for those who visit or live nearby and they do have a fully stocked pro-shop. Rental carts & clubs are available. The snack bar & lounge area are popular spots for golfers and non-golfers alike.

The Oak Hill Golf Course can be found at:

159 Pease Road
Meredith, NH 03253

Visit their website:

Finding the Right Property

Once you’ve decided to buy New Hampshire real estate, either as your home or as an investment, you’ll have to find that perfect property. Below are a few things to consider.

What’s Your Budget?

It’s crucial to have a budget in mind before you start looking for your perfect New Hampshire home. Your budget will determine what kind of houses are accessible to you. It will also dictate the areas you look in.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when setting a budget. First, calculate your monthly payment and figure out what suits your financial situation. Don’t forget to account for things like taxes, interest, and homeowner’s insurance.

It’s also important to keep the length of the loan in mind, and any expected changes in your working situation and family life.

For instance, let’s say you’re 40 years old, and buying a home with a 30-year mortgage. This means you’ll be 70 years old when you finish paying off the loan.

Before you commit to this payment, you’ll want to make sure you’re willing to work long enough to make those payments. Were you thinking about retiring early? Having kids? Traveling? Will your income cover all of that, comfortably?

Also, keep in mind that, even if you think you can afford a certain payment, you’ll still need to be approved for the loan.

Your income, your credit score, and your outstanding debts will all impact the amount you’ll be approved for. Also, if you’re married, your spouse’s financial history will also factor into the equation.

What Features Do You Want in Your Home

When you decide to purchase a home, it’s all but inevitable that you’ll have to make compromises. Unless you have an unlimited budget and unlimited time to look for a home, chances all you won’t find everything you’re looking for in one home.

This is why it’s important to make a list of what you want. You should divide your list into features that are negotiable, and those that are non-negotiable. Knowing what you absolutely cannot live without will make home buying deliberations easier.

Non-negotiable features usually have to do with the functionality of the home. For instance, perhaps you need a minimum amount of square feet or a certain number of bedrooms… Maybe you cannot live without a 2 car garage. Whatever it is, make sure your clear that it’s not negotiable.

Negotiables are items the things you can do without or wait for. Perhaps you’d like a house with space for an office, but you don’t need one right now. Or, maybe you want a fenced-in yard, but can wait a few years or put one in yourself.

Where Do You Want to Be?

You’ve probably heard this before, but real estate is all about location, location, location.

In other words, it’s important to consider your location!

Do you want to be close to work? Near great restaurants? Do you prefer a more urban, or more rural experience? Do you need to consider the schools?

Knowing what you want to be near, and possibly what you want to avoid, will help your real estate agent locate the ideal community for you.

Find Your Dream Home

If you’re ready to dive into New Hampshire real estate, contact me. I would be happy to show you around and help you locate the home that you love… with all of your non-negotiable features included!

Castle in the Clouds

Moultonborough’s famed Castle in the Clouds is one of the area’s top attractions.

Now operated as a historical museum, the estate was owned by Thomas Gustave Plant, who made his fortune in the shoe manufacturing industry, retiring as a millionaire at the age of 51 in 1910, after selling his business to the United Shoe Machinery Company.

Newly married in 1913, Plant focused on building his New Hampshire country estate. He bought 6,300 acres of land in the Ossippee mountains and hired the Boston architectural firm of J. Williams Beal & Sons to design a stone mansion, called Lucknow, for him and his new bride, Olive.

Built between 1913 and 1914, the 16-room Lucknow Mansion has amazing details and sweeping views of Lake Winnipesaukee. From the stained glass window insets, to the intercom system and air conditioning, this all-stone mansion featured beautiful architectural details and cutting edge technology that was well ahead of it’s time.

All of the land from the top of the mountain to the lake was once part of Plant’s estate, and the Plants lived there until Thomas’s death in 1941.

A trolley ride tot he top of the mountain starts your tour of the Lucknow Mansion, traveling up the same road that Thomas & Olive traveled back in the early 1900s when the mansion was built. At the top, a museum guide gives everyone a 15-minute orientation, where you’ll learn more about about the rags to riches to rags story of Thomas Plant and the history of this unique Arts & Craft style home.

Visitors are welcome to tour the mansion at their own pace on a self-guided tour, and you will be amazed at features such as the central vacuuming systems, refrigeration, and needle showers that were built into this magnificent home.

The property now includes 5,500-acres with extensive gardens, horseback riding, hiking trails, an art gallery featuring local artists, and a restaurant. There are a lot of things to do and the museum holds regular events and programs. On weekends in the early summer, you may also witness a wedding as the castle is popular place to tie the knot!

More Information

New Hampshire’s Castle in the Clouds, owned and operated by the private non-profit Castle Preservation Society, is open to the public from Memorial Day through October. You’ll find it at:

455 Old Mountain Road
Rte 171
Moultonborough, NH 03254-3517

For more information on visiting this jewel, see their website.