Finding the Right Property

By Website Admin | July 12, 2017

Once you’ve decided to buy New Hampshire real estate, either as your home or as an investment, you’ll have to find that perfect property. Below are a few things to consider.

What’s Your Budget?

It’s crucial to have a budget in mind before you start looking for your perfect New Hampshire home. Your budget will determine what kind of houses are accessible to you. It will also dictate the areas you look in.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when setting a budget. First, calculate your monthly payment and figure out what suits your financial situation. Don’t forget to account for things like taxes, interest, and homeowner’s insurance.

It’s also important to keep the length of the loan in mind, and any expected changes in your working situation and family life.

For instance, let’s say you’re 40 years old, and buying a home with a 30-year mortgage. This means you’ll be 70 years old when you finish paying off the loan.

Before you commit to this payment, you’ll want to make sure you’re willing to work long enough to make those payments. Were you thinking about retiring early? Having kids? Traveling? Will your income cover all of that, comfortably?

Also, keep in mind that, even if you think you can afford a certain payment, you’ll still need to be approved for the loan.

Your income, your credit score, and your outstanding debts will all impact the amount you’ll be approved for. Also, if you’re married, your spouse’s financial history will also factor into the equation.

What Features Do You Want in Your Home

When you decide to purchase a home, it’s all but inevitable that you’ll have to make compromises. Unless you have an unlimited budget and unlimited time to look for a home, chances all you won’t find everything you’re looking for in one home.

This is why it’s important to make a list of what you want. You should divide your list into features that are negotiable, and those that are non-negotiable. Knowing what you absolutely cannot live without will make home buying deliberations easier.

Non-negotiable features usually have to do with the functionality of the home. For instance, perhaps you need a minimum amount of square feet or a certain number of bedrooms… Maybe you cannot live without a 2 car garage. Whatever it is, make sure your clear that it’s not negotiable.

Negotiables are items the things you can do without or wait for. Perhaps you’d like a house with space for an office, but you don’t need one right now. Or, maybe you want a fenced-in yard, but can wait a few years or put one in yourself.

Where Do You Want to Be?

You’ve probably heard this before, but real estate is all about location, location, location.

In other words, it’s important to consider your location!

Do you want to be close to work? Near great restaurants? Do you prefer a more urban, or more rural experience? Do you need to consider the schools?

Knowing what you want to be near, and possibly what you want to avoid, will help your real estate agent locate the ideal community for you.

Find Your Dream Home

If you’re ready to dive into New Hampshire real estate, contact me. I would be happy to show you around and help you locate the home that you love… with all of your non-negotiable features included!